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I discovered Reflexology when I was in college in Galway studying Art & Design, browsing an old book shop called Kenny's & came across a book about Reflexology called “Hand & Foot Reflexology” by Kevin & Barbara Kunz. From this, I learned more & more about reflexology, going on to read works by:


Dr William Fitzgerald, an American ENT surgeon, who developed the theory of the link between reflex zones in the feet and hands with corresponding areas and organs of the body. He introduced Reflexology to the West around 1913. 


Eunice Ingham, referred to as the Mother of Reflexology, developed modern Reflexology. She mapped the whole body's organs and structures on the feet, developing the foot map. Her technique is what is practised all over the world today.


Some years ago, my Mum was going through breast cancer & I was amazed that by working on her feet she could feel better. In 2004, after going through some personal changes, I decided that was the right time for me to become a Reflexologist and make my career in Holistic Therapy.


I started training in 2004 & qualified in April 2005. 


I continue to undertake CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and I’m a member of the NRRI National Register of Reflexologists Ireland 


I once had the pleasure of doing reflexology for a group of Tibetan Buddhist monks. When I was talking about how I became interested in reflexology, the courses that I had completed and that I will always be interested in doing more and more professional development courses, the head monk (Rinpoche) said the wise words:


‘The day we stop learning is the day we become the Enlightened One.’


I completed my diploma in Reflexology in April 2005 in which I received a distinction. 

During the  same period, April 2005, I completed a diploma in holistic massage where I received a grade with credits.

Other Qualifications:





Advanced Reflexology Course.

1st and 2nd Degrees in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Method.

Masters in Usui Reiki Method of Natural Healing.

1st and 2nd Degrees of Seichim Method of Natural Healing. 

Bach Flower International Education Program Levels 1 and 2.

Reflexology in Pregnancy and Children with the renowned Mauricio (Moshe) Kruchik. 

Occupational First Aid Course - Distinction.

Attended a Post-Graduate Presentation, "The Body Has A Lot To Say" hosted by the Globally Renowned Reflexologist and Author Christine Stormer-Fryer. 

"Art of Reading Feet" Course with Mauricio (Moshe) Kruchik - Part 1






"Art of Reading Feet" Course with Mauricio (Moshe) Kruchik - Part 2

Essential Oils For Home Use Course.

Emmet Therapies Training

Completed the Certificate in Advanced Studies in Reflexology.

Completed the Certificate in the Spiritual Aspect of Reflexology in Cancer Care.

Breaking the Barriers of Pain with Reflexology Course

Natural Facial Course, in which I learned how to make natural face and body creams without any chemicals.


"I had my second reflexology session with Una and plan on having many more. Una is a very kind friendly and warm person and puts you at ease immediately. The reflexology is excellent I felt so relaxed and happy. You also get the extra benefit of Una being a Reiki Master. All in all 5 star treatment. My weekly treatments can't come quick enough. Be good to yourself and book an appointment as soon as possible!"

"Una is the soul of calm..I have been to her many times..and came out relaxed and feeling I could function again. Cannot recommend her enough...she is amazing. See you soon Una."

Margeret Donnelly

Michelle Reynolds

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