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Healing from the ground up

Úna's Stillpoint Reflexology


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The treatment room is a warm, supportive, safe, healing place, which is completely confidential. 

I will do a fully comprehensive consultation before the treatment and, from this, an individual treatment will be tailored for you, along with an overall treatment plan. 

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"Reflexology is the most amazing treatment..."

It works right down to a cellular level and works into the physical, mental & emotional being, bringing the whole body into balance so it can work to its best level. To me, the greatest benefit of Reflexology is how it creates homeostasis, which means that the organs in the body are all working together and at their best level. Also, observing the energy shift within clients, seeing the change in their feet, and how much they have benefited from the treatment. Reflexology is a wonderfully beneficial way to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. 



Úna’s Stillpoint Reflexology Treatments Letterkenny (est 2005) tailors your treatments to your specific needs. Her reflexology is known to help you destress, rebalance, and find your inner calm. Úna's holistic approach to treatment takes into account a person’s whole being, the mind, body and spirit and the imbalance caused by psychological, nutritional and environmental stresses.


I discovered Reflexology when I was in college in Galway studying Art & Design, browsing an old book shop called Kenny's & came across a book about Reflexology called “Hand & Foot Reflexology” by Kevin & Barbara Kunz. From this, I learned more & more about reflexology, going on to read works by:


  • Dr William Fitzgerald, an American ENT surgeon, who developed the theory of the link between reflex zones in the feet and hands with corresponding areas and organs of the body. He introduced Reflexology to the West around 1913. 

  • Eunice Ingham, referred to as the Mother of Reflexology, developed modern Reflexology. She mapped the whole body's organs and structures on the feet, developing the foot map. Her technique is what is practised all over the world today.


Some years ago, my Mum was going through breast cancer & I was amazed that by working on her feet she could feel better. In 2004, after going through some personal changes, I decided that was the right time for me to become a Reflexologist and make my career in Holistic Therapy. I started training in 2004 & qualified in April 2005. 




Co. Donegal

F92 CR67

My Clinic


Tel: 087 133 4288


Mon - Fri: 9:30am - 6pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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